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Front-end, Adobe Creative Suite, Zeplin

Startup Studio: Fasho

How might we ensure fit and style satisfaction prior to purchase on fashion retail platforms?

Roles & Duties
Visual & UI designer and product manager.

As a team, choose a startup idea and work together to make that vision a reality. For us, that was to target fitting problems that come with online shopping. 


Our Team (left to right):
  • Jonathan Haojaq Kho (Design)
    Communication Design student at Parsons that is inclined towards UI/UX design
  • Stephen Bongner (CS)
    Senior Software Engineer at Mastercard with 7 years in Biotech, Communications, and Payments
  • Angelo La Roche (MBA)
    Product Leader at Mastercard with 8 years in Payments
  • Shamant Hegde (MBA)
    8 years in healthcare consultation with a focus on analytics and data science
  • Ephraim Montag (CS)
    Dedicated and disciplined coder with weird and keen interest in things you wouldn’t expect


Research & Solution

What did we find?

  • Loved the idea of being able to virtually try-on clothes before purchasing
  • More stoked about the idea of digitizing oneself
  • Returns is a major problem. Some would rather let it sit in their closet untouched

  • Interested in giving their consumers that novel digital experience
  • Curious about how clothes would be digitized (which then became our major concern)
  • Retailers like Burberry and ASOS are already providing cross-checking questionnaires that show the most popular size choice picked by their previous customers

  • Some are male-centric, some are female-centric
  • Require extensive input of users’ own sizing – a struggle if users don’t have a measuring tape lying around
  • Rarely any of them live nor have a prototype available
  • For those who digitize clothings, they do it own their own and not rely on a third party

With validation from research and advisors, we were good to go with our solution!

Design & Iteration

Userflow sketch & T.U.X.

Key Players

Who we work with and who we test with

First page of the branding document

Corporate Branding

Before starting the design and development process, we sat as a team and decided what our brand and voice would be. Together, we’ve compiled a document that further explains who we are, our values, and our voice.

Visual Branding

As for the visual brand, I started off by having the team choose a few images from 4 separate moodboards I’ve created, selecting visuals that represent Fasho.

However, one key inspiration that the team had was the virtruvian man – a symbol of human proportions. 

Fasho Logo 1.0

Front-end (User Interface)

Onboarding 1: overview and height input

Onboarding 2: Photo taking process with screens showing photo parameters

From browse to fitting room

The entire flow

Working with Engineers

Zeplin workspace

Testing and feedback w/ Engineers


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