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UI Challenge 1:

Ranking Preferences

Sketch & Flinto


Design a screen branded for GE Transportation for this question:

“What factors are most important in selecting a manufacturing location?”

The four options (“factors”) are:
“Lowest labor costs”,
“Lowest material costs”,
“Lowest transportation costs”, and
“Skilled work force”.



Brand Research

Given GE’s tight control over their files and brand resource, I had to do manual scout/research of their brand and materials.

 Lo-fi mockup

Lo-fi mockup of the initial flow leading up to the “rank preference” screen.

The user here is a representative of a company that wishes to look for a manufacturing location.

Given the overwhelming options of locations to choose, he/she decides to refine his/her search.

Hi-fi mockup of the entire flow

Hi-fi mockup of the entire flow, from the homescreen to the “rank preference” screen.

Although there are 4 factors of importance to rank. The user is fed one factor at a time to let them closely consider their options without the sense of being overwhelmed. 

A little description of each factor is given at the bottom of the title.

Close-up of the ranking preference UI

This is what the screen would look like after the user is done ranking their preference from 0 – 5.



A Flinto animation of what the ranking UI would look like being interacted.

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